Post-doctoral Research


Post-doctoral Research

In order to submit an application for conducting a post-doctoral research, candidates should hold a PhD from a Greek university or a recognized equivalent degree from foreign institutions, in a field of study related to that of the proposed Postdoctoral Research.

The Department of Early Years Learning and Care of the University of Ioannina accepts applications for Postdoctoral Research from interested researchers throughout the year. The application for conducting a Post-doctoral Research should be submitted to the Secretariat of the Department.

In the application the Post-doc candidate should name the Faculty member of the Department under whose supervision the interested candidate wishes to conduct the post-doc research. The application should also be accompanied by a letter of acceptance of supervision from the Faculty member and by the following necessary supporting documents:

  1. Copy of the Bachelor degree or diploma from a Greek university or equivalent recognized institution abroad.
  2. Copy of a Master’s Degree from a Greek university or equivalent recognized institution abroad (if available).
  3. Copy of the Doctoral Diploma from a Greek university or equivalent recognized institution abroad.
  4. Detailed Curriculum Vitae.
  5. List of published scientific papers
  6. Two (2) recommendation letters, either from Faculty Members of Universities or from Researchers who hold a PhD and work in a well-established Research Center in Greece or abroad.
  7. Research proposal for the post-doctoral research, following the template that has been developed by the Department.

Postdoctoral research approval process

  1. The application is submitted to the Secretariat of the Early Years Learning and Care Department along the necessary supporting documents for each candidacy.
  2. The Secretariat records the applications, carries out the necessary formal check of the completeness of the submitted supporting documents and forwards the application to the General Assembly of the Department for approval.
  3. The General Assembly of the Department examines the relevance of the research proposal to the academic subjects covered by the Department, the research interests and areas that focuses and pursues as well as the availability of infrastructure.
  4. The research proposal of the Post-doc candidate is accompanied by the written consent of the proposed supervisor/Faculty member.
  5. As long as the feasibility and importance of carrying out the research is documented, the request to conduct the post-doc research is approved by the General Assembly of the Department and at the same time proceeds with the approval of the supervising Faculty member.
  6. The Department’s Secretariat maintains a special register of Postdoctoral Researchers with the topic of the post-doc researchers and the names of the supervisors.
  7. Postdoctoral Researchers do not pay tuition fees neither receive remuneration from the University of Ioannina or the Department. They can however receive a scholarship/sponsorship from another source.

Duration of Postdoctoral Research

The duration of the post-doctoral research cannot be less than six (6) months from the date of the decision of acceptance and approval by the General Assembly of the Department and in any case can not be more than 36 months. In special cases, Postdoctoral Researchers may request an extension with relevant documentation.

Conducting the Post- doctoral research

  1. The supervision of the Postdoctoral Researchers will be assigned to a Supervisor, Faculty Member of the Department, whose field of expertise is related to the scientific area in which the candidate will conduct the postdoctoral research.
  2. The Supervisor submits to the Department annually and before the end of the spring semester, an interim Evaluation Report, based on which the progress and prospective of the researcher’s postdoctoral research are evaluated.
  3. The Supervisor has the obligation to inform the Postdoctoral Researcher about the safety regulations in the premises and laboratories and about ethical issues related to research.
  4. The Committee of the Doctoral Studies takes care to facilitate the post-doctoral research and deal with problems that might arise. The Committee takes charge of the problems in cases of conflicts and if these are not resolved, the Committee refers them initially to the General Assembly of the Department and finally to the Academic Ethics Committee of the University of Ioannina.
  5. When the postdoctoral research is completed, the Supervisor submits a final Progress Report to the Department.

Completion of thePostdoctoral Research

  1. The Postdoctoral Researchers prepare and submit to the Secretariat the Postdoctoral Research Completion Report for approval by the General Assembly of the Department. The Report should be in line with the template developed by the University of Ioannina, which is accompanied by the written consent of the Supervisor.
  2. Then, they are required to present the results of the post-doctoral research publicly, on a date and place to be announced by the Department Secretariat in collaboration with the Supervisor.
  3. After the successful presentation of the results, the postdoctoral researcher is awarded a certificate of completion of the Postdoctoral research