Department Profile



The Department of Early Childhood Learning and Care is part of the School of Social Sciences of the University of Ioannina. It evolved from the Department of Preschool Education, at the School of Health and Welfare Professions of the former Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Epirus.

Field of study

The subject focus of the Department of Learning & Care in Early Childhood is the scientific and in-depth study as well as the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the education and care of infants and toddlers, so that its graduates are able to contribute to young children’s holistic development as well as their physical and mental wellbeing.


The purpose of the Department is to provide university education for the development of graduating pedagogues’ professional and scientific identity, focusing on young children’s education from 0-4 years. Additionally, the Department aims to develop scientific knowledge by promoting scientific research in the subject areas covered in its undergraduate programme of study. Furthermore, in parallel to accounting for principles of psychology, pedagogy and learning, and promoting interdisciplinary approaches, it scientifically trains its students and creates graduates capable of pursuing professional careers, postgraduate studies and contributing to research and development of knowledge in the field of early childhood.

Career Prospects and Employment

Graduates of the Early Childhood Learning and Care Department, due to their specialization and based on their professional rights (Government Order 523/24.12.91, TA), and either independently or in collaboration with others, can engage with at least the following:

  • As those responsible for the development, organization and operation preschool settings.
  • As Head of organizational units (Directorates, Departments, Offices) in preschool settings of Local Government Bodies
  • As educators of children aged 0-4 years
  • As staff in Secondary or Higher Education, responsible for delivering theoretical and practical modules in the subject area of Preschool Education.
  • As teaching assistants in SEND pre-school and primary education settings..


In other words, graduates of the programme can work either as staff members in preschool settings as well as in private and state sector preschool centers or as self-employed in the following subject areas and activities:

  • Education and care of children from birth to age 4
  • Establishment and operation of a preschool setting
  • Education of preschool teachers (teacher education)
  • Participation in research groups in relevant fields
  • Other professional activities that align with their scientific and academic training
  • Professional preschool teachers are able to progress through the entire spectrum of the administrative hierarchy related to their field of training and in accordance with the legislation in force at any given time.