Doctoral Study


Doctoral Study

Doctoral study was established at the Department at the academic year 2018-19 and is governed by the Rules and Regulations for Doctoral Study

Focus - Aim

The focus of the Doctoral Study Programme is research in the Education and Care of Infants and Toddlers from birth to four years of age. This age is deemed critical because it lays the foundations for the further psychosomatic development of the child. The overall purpose of the program is the promotion of knowledge and original scientific research in the above focus area, as well as the training and education, according to international standards, of young scientists in the production of original research output as well as in developing independency in the promotion of science.

Doctoral Titles 
Successful completion of the Doctoral Study Programme (DSP) leads to the award of a Doctoral Diploma in the Social Sciences.

Information for candidates entering the Doctoral Study Programme

The Department of Early Years Learning and Care may issue a call for doctoral candidates at the beginning of each academic semester. For the winter semester, the application deadline is until the end of February and for the spring semester, the application deadline is until the end of June. The scientific areas, the number of positions per area and any special requirements as well as the members of the academic staff that take on doctoral students, are specified in the announcement on the Departmental website. In addition, the department can also accept applications during the academic year, after a recommendation from a member of the Faculty. The following have the right to apply: 

  1. Greek or foreign graduates (with a recognized degree in a relevant scientific area).
  2. Recent graduates of graduate Masters degrees (Level 7) –award pending- yet have successfully completed their programme within the prescribed time and have publicly and successfully defended their master’s thesis. In this case, candidates may submit a certificate of completion of the programme and defense of their Thesis. Within the semester, they may submit the title of their award.
  3. In exceptional cases, graduates of universities (undergraduate study) may apply, under the condition of outstanding performance, following a proposal from the Department Council for Doctoral Stud and following a reasoned decision of the Department Assembly (Article 38 of Law 4485/2017). These cases concern graduates of undergraduate cycles of more than four years of study.

Interested individuals may submit to the Administration Office the following documentation: 

  • Application form, which must state the proposed supervisor, the proposed title as well as the proposed language (Greek or English) of the doctoral thesis.
  • Copy of all academic qualifications. 
  • Certificate of recognition of the equivalence of degree/diploma by DOATAP (for international students). 
  • Copy of transcript with grades for all courses and academic terms. 
  • Proof English language competency. In the event that there is no proof, the knowledge is certified by an examination, or by a three-member committee designated by the Department.
  • Detailed CV. 
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation from university Faculty. 
  • Evidence of research activity (if available). 
  • Brief statement of scientific and professional interests, which should state the reasons why the candidate is interested in doctoral studies. 
  • Any other document that, in the candidate’s opinion, would contribute to a more complete evaluation. 

Duration of Study/Obligations

Doctoral Studies at the Department have no fee obligation. Doctoral candidates have up to five (5) full academic years from their first registration, and are eligible for all the rights/benefits provided for the students of the second cycle of study (e.g. library access, borrowing, etc.).

Doctoral candidates are entitled to the benefits of student care and health and hospital care. Every PhD candidate has the right to use the Department’s logistical infrastructure. The Supervising Professor and the Director of the programme of study ensure the necessary logistical infrastructure.

Each PhD candidate is required to: 

  • To renew their registration at the beginning of each academic year with a registration renewal application at the Administration Office, specifically in the month of October. If the candidate does not renew their registration for two consecutive years, he/she will be removed from the programme 
  • To submit in writing once a year a detailed report to the Three-Member Advisory Committee regarding the progress of the doctoral thesis. The Three-member Advisory Committee, after receiving the detailed report from the doctoral candidate, submits the candidate’s annual progress report to the Department. Both the candidate’s detailed report and the annual progress report of the Three-Member Advisory Committee are retained within the doctoral candidate’s individual file.
  • To be physically present at the Department, when required.
  • To observe the rules of ethics and academic conduct. Research on minors requires parental permission and consent.  
  • To always mention the Department and the University of Ioannina in his publications and announcements at conferences. 


In the event that the doctoral candidate does not comply with any of the above obligations, the Department Assembly, after a recommendation by the Three-member Advisory Committee, has the right to issue a written compliance reminder to which the candidate must respond positively within one semester.

If the candidate continues to ignore their obligations, after a new recommendation by the Three-member Advisory Committee to the Department’s Assembly, the Assembly may remove him/her from the Department’s doctoral candidate register. The deletion decision is compulsory and immediately communicated to the Three-Member Advisory Committee and the doctoral candidate.

The duration of studies of the Doctorate is at least 3 full time academic years from the time that the Three-Member Advisory Committee is set. The maximum duration for completion of studies is six (6) full time academic years since the Three-Member Advisory Committee is set. For whatever reason the above is not complied with, the Advisory Committee will take the case to the General Assembly.