Undergraduate Study



The course of studies lasts 8 semesters. A total of 51 courses are offered. During the first seven semesters, students study at the Department and attend theoretical and practical/laboratory courses. Theoretical teaching covers 83% of the total hours, i.e. 132 hours out of the 154. Laboratory hours cover 17% of the total hours, i.e. 22 out of the 154.

During the 8th semester of studies, students can choose between a Bachelor Thesis or two (2) Elective Compulsory (EV) courses. In the 8th semester, students are offered, optionally, the opportunity to do an Internship (professional practicum) in private and public sector bodies, throughout the country.

The Department awards a Degree when the student has successfully completed:

  1. The attendance and successful completion of 37 Compulsory (C ) and 8 Elective Compulsory (EY) courses.
  2. The Internship (if the student has chosen it).

Types of courses

Courses outline


Grading System

The grading system ranges between 1 -10. An average of five (5) is the minimum acceptable grade for being awarded a Degree.

Grading Scale

  • From 8, 50 to 10 = Excellent (Arista)
  • From 6, 50 to 8, 49 = Very good (Lian Kalos)
  • From 5 to 6, 49 = Good (Kalos)


5 is the minimum passing grade.

A grade below 5 means that the student has failed and must be examined again or repeat the course.