Placement (Internship)


Placement (Internship)

The Department offers students the option of doing a placement (internship) within the framework of the Internship Program funded by ESPA. 

  • The placement has a duration of two months (continuous duration), is full-time and is carried out in private and state sector settings.
  • Offered in the final semester of the degree program as an optional/elective course.
  • It is not taken into account for the final degree grade.
  • Has ECTS (at least 2).


Participation in the program (and by extension the option of signing up to do the placement) is permitted following an invitation for expressions of interest and a selection of students according to criteria set by the Department. Those students who finally complete an internship will receive, together with their degree, a certificate of internship, where the organization of the internship will be indicated. 

Placement Outline

During the internship, the student should practice in all areas of service. It is structured in four progressive stages of activity:

  • First stage: Duration of one (1) week. The aim is familiarization with the infants and the student’s acquaintance with the work of the Preschool Teacher: care, nutrition, education (daily job, crafts, play, etc.).
  • Second stage: Duration of two (2) weeks. The student coordinates the program of the preschool (nutrition, educational activities for toddlers) with the participation of the supervising pre-school teacher.
  • Third stage: Duration of four (4) weeks. The student assumes full responsibility for the Preschool under the supervision of the supervising teacher.
  • Fourth stage: Duration of one (1) week. Information and training in administrative and managerial matters (registration of infants, correspondence with various services, filing, distribution of expenses, etc.).


The working hours of the students will coincide throughout the semester with the working hours of the permanent teaching staff. More information about the placement can be accessed below: